Opinion: Not all press is beneficial press

By Kaci Schneidawind

Many have heard the sayings “any press is good press” or “bad public­ity is good publicity.” That may have been true in times past when social media did not dominate our society as it does now. It provides a plat­form for free speech, which is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing.

“In the world of business [the idea that any publicity is good publicity] is a bad thing,” junior business major Hannah Marquardt said. “Yes it is free publicity, but at the same time it changes the way people might imagine a corporation or company.”

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Opinion: Baseball is more than ‘just a game’

By Brett LaBore

We all have passions in life. There are things that drive us as humans and make us smile each and every day. But what if that included the loss of a loved one? Things would change dramatically.

On Sunday, Jan. 22, Royals starting pitcher Yordano Ventura was found dead after a car accident in his home country, the Domini­can Republic. He was just 25 years old. Another Domini­can and ex-major leaguer Andy Marte also died the same day.

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Opinion: Obama leaves a legacy of progress

By Kaci Schneidawind

On the night of Tuesday Nov. 8, 2008, the free world changed forever.

This historic night saw the election of America’s first African-American president, Barack Hussein Obama. His victory was just the beginning of a presidency that would be defined by progressive– sometimes controversial– agendas and actions.

President Obama entered office during one of the greatest economic reces­sions in American history. The collapse of the housing market warned of a coming second Great Depression if nothing was done and done quickly.

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Opinion: The value of intramural sports

By Brett LaBore

It is no surprise that people like to play sports and that sports as a whole are treasured here in America. One way to play sports is through school. Many students like to play high school sports and are one of the more popular things to do. But it is esti­mated only 3.5 percent of high school boys basketball participants end up playing at an NCAA school.

It is hard to play an NCAA sport at any level in any sport, particularly at the Division I level. There are so many good high school athletes who don’t go on to play sports in college. This can be for many reasons with one of them being the difficulty of getting to that next level.

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Opinion – Flu shot or not?

Published November 5, 2013

Written by Kaitlyn Bryant
Scroll Staff Writer

It seems like every year we have the same arguments about the flu shot. It gives you the flu, or it doesn’t. It’s useless, or it’s priceless, and on and on. Here are the facts about the flu vaccine and what it means for students.

The flu vaccine does not give you the flu. The virus they inject is dead, which means it cannot replicate inside your body and cause the flu, but your body still recognizes it and has an immune response to it. The immune response is usually mild and involves aching at the injection site, maybe some swelling, headaches, nausea and occasionally, a low fever. I would definitely take those side effects before risking the flu.

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The history of the Second Amendment

Published on January 24, 2012

Written by Timothy Wildauer
Scroll Staff Writer

Due to recent events, the nations focus has turned to gun control and what to do to prevent mass shootings. Some people want to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. The biggest question being discussed is whether banning or restricting the availability of such items is in violation of the Second Amendment. The history of the Second Amendment must be investigated to find where the idea of gun rights began.

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