Tell It To The Wind hits big

By Noah Dale

Bethany Lutheran College has a very successful and storied history when it comes to

Photo courtesy of Benji Inniger

theatre. The 2016- 17 school year was no differ­ent. With Icehouse and The Music Man having already wrapped up production, there was time for one more. Written and directed by Benji Inniger, Tell It To The Wind lived up to the hype.

A collection of folk tales with roots in China, Russia, Venezuela, Japan and Mexico, among others, the play was influenced by several Disney classics. The play includes a variety of original music, puppetry and dancing.

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Art students reflect on their experiences

By Maureen Ragner

Art is something that can be incredibly expressive. It can tell stories without having to say words, or show someone’s perspective on any subject. It can also show what has influenced the artist.

Group Shot CMYK
Photo by Tessa MacPherson

On April 20, seniors Jacob Walter, Kylie Ternes, Allison Norton and Tanya Sherrard showcased their capstone projects in the second senior art show of the month. Each project was unique to the senior and showed where their interests were poten­tially going to take them in the future.

Walter’s works of art were landscapes painted with watercolors.

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Speechless impresses for fifth year in a row

By Megan Cavanaugh

The fifth annual Speech­less Film Festival hosted by Bethany Lutheran College gave students and community members a chance to view almost 100 short films, in 18 different genres, repre­sented by 24 countries, in one weekend. Four filmmak­ers from

Photo by Denice Woller

Minneapolis agreed that this was “the most well put on film festival” they had ever been to.

There were four feature films, which ranged from 69 to 90 minutes in length, for those who are intrigued by longer developing plots. For the artful eye, there were genres such as Art, Anima­tion and Experimental. There was even a separate Anima­tion category, 100 percent safe for children.

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Four present art at senior show

By Megan Cavanaugh

Eat. Pray. Design. The first senior art show has encompassed a piece of each of these four artists’ lives.

Photo by Megan Cavanaugh

Cora Mumme, who will graduate in December 2017, derived her capstone from past family trips.

Coming from a close-knit family, Mumme wanted to add that meaning to her art.

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Iconic musical makes its way to campus

By Jessica Berlinger

Music, dancing and joy filled the Sigurd K. Lee Theater on Feb. 3, the opening night of Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man.


Photo by Jacob Stratton

The Music Man is about a small town in Iowa that finds hope. It opened on Broad­way 60 years ago and is still a beloved musical today. It is well-known as it has cast members ranging in ages from elementary school through college. It draws a crowd to see children in the cast alongside their colle­giate counterparts.


“This show is very well-known, and it’s cool to be able to perform shows that no one knows, and also shows that lots of people know,” said senior Christian Rank.

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Musicians proclaim Christ’s birth

By Maureen Ragner

On the second-to-last week before the end of the semester, Trin­ity Chapel was shaken from top to bottom by strong voices and loud instruments proclaiming Christ’s birth.

Photo by Jacob Stratton

As a yearly occurrence, the music brought people from all walks of life to Bethany’s campus to take in the festivities. They filled their ears with the joyous sounds of college students using their God-given gifts to thank him for what he has done, for not only those present, but for every soul on earth.

Christmas at Bethany was held Nov. 30-Dec. 4. Trinity Chapel was filled with choral, string and orchestral music following Christmas themes, and was accompanied with readings from the Bible that pertained to the cele­bration of Jesus’ birth.

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Icehouse breaks the ice opening night

By Jessica Berlinger

In the middle of a frozen lake in Minnesota, two men devise a plan to bring their friend back from Florida, with a few perks of their own.

Photo by Jacob Stratton

The play Icehouse writ­ten and directed by Profes­sor Peter Bloedel opened Friday, Nov. 11 in front of a full audience in the Sigurd Lee Theatre. The play portrays the stereotypical Minnesotan lifestyle, cold weather, ‘Minnesota Nice,’ accents and beliefs all included. This Minnesota comedy began about 12 years ago and was written over the course of about six months.

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Scandinavian folk music graces Bethany’s campus

By Maureen Ragner

Music across cultures can be an interesting thing to consider, especially when inventive instruments are brought into play as well.

On Sept. 30, a four-member group from the Twin Cities known as Tjärnblom, or “lakewood flower” in Swedish, played a large number of Scandinavian folk tunes in the Trinity Chapel.

Most of the instruments the group used were Scandinavian in origin. One such instrument was the nyckelharpa, a string instrument that has four main strings and twelve resonating strings that can change the sound of the note being played just by the player pressing keys that are on the neck of the instrument.

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Photo by Jasmine Zhang

Theatre Physics is going strong after 23 years of laughter

By Maureen Ragner

Slapstick comedy and magic tricks are a staple of the theatre department at Bethany, and they all collide every single year to create a hilarious, performance that hardly anyone on or off campus ever wants to miss.

This year was Theatre Physics’ 23rd year of production, and this year has proved to be no less enter­taining than the previous.

“It’s so stupid that it makes it fun,” said freshman Abigail “AJ” Mildebrandt.

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The Bethany Theatre Department took a trip to visit theaters in Minneapolis, Minn., and ended with a performance of "Wicked" at the Guthrie Theatre. Left to right: Juniors Olivia Lee and Cassandra Wiershke, sophomore Kasey Gratz Photo courtesy of Cassie Wierschke
Photo courtesy of Cassie Wierschke

Theater department explores the many stages in Minneapolis

Published on October 31, 2013

Written by Shawn Loging
Scroll Staff Writer

“Break a leg” may be commonplace in the theater, however, a group of people backstage work to make sure there are no broken legs by the end of the show.

In order to give backstage and technology scholarship students a better understanding of what goes on in the theatrical world outside of Bethany, nine students and three faculty members traveled to Minneapolis, Minn. on Oct. 23 to explore different local theaters in the area.

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Photo by Benjamin Inniger
Photo by Benjamin Inniger

Theatre Physics: 20 years of laughs

Published on October 3, 2013

Written by Brittany Titus
Scroll Staff Writer

For two and a half weeks, students and Bethany alumni ran around, juggled and acted out crazy yet laugh out loud skits in preparation for Theatre Physics, which celebrated its 20th years of humor on Bethany’s stage.

For the weekend of Sept. 20, Theatre Physics put on five sold out shows. Since it celebrated 20 years, alumni cast of past Theatre Physics performances were asked back to perform some of their memorable skits.

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Photo by Elisa Mayer
Photo by Elisa Mayer

Jazz swings smoothly into spring concert

Published on April 20, 2013

Written by Jonah Menough
Scroll Staff Writer

Despite technical difficulties, the Bethany Jazz Band and their audience came together for the group’s final home concert of the semester.

The concert was held in the Ronald J. Younge gymnasium on Apr. 14. The band played a variety of songs such as “Gospel John,” “April in Paris,” “Stolen Moments” and more.

Many of these songs featured a number of solo performances from the 13 students who participate in the group.

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Photo submitted by Megan Maschoff
Photo submitted by Megan Maschoff

Concert Band shares music with the Midwest

Published on March 26, 2013

Written by Megan Maschoff
Scroll Staff Writer

With suitcases packed, instruments strapped down and a full tank of gas, the Bethany band was ready for yet another band tour.

After having traveled to the nation’s capitol last year, Bethany’s concert band stayed closer to home this year as they traveled to smaller towns in central Minnesota and eastern Wisconsin to play at various small schools and churches.

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Photo submitted by Kao Yang
Photo submitted by Kao Yang

Harting recital: crescendo to climax

Published on March 7, 2013

Written by Tim Wildauer
Scroll Staff Writer

Family, friends, faculty and students gathered to hear senior Michael Harting perform various musical pieces from around the world. This was his senior recital, which is a showcase of everything that music students have learned in their studies.

Harting estimated that there were about 140 people present at the recital. “It was really cool [for] me to see so many people there. I was quite surprised,” said Harting.

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Viola phenomenon performs with string band

Published on February 5, 2013

Written by Lexi Titeca
Scroll Staff Writer

There are few concerts that can make a member of an audience laugh, cry and be full of joy at the end. This was the case when Kenji Bunch, a world-renowned composer, played the viola at Trinity Chapel.

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Photo by Megan Grunke
Photo by Megan Grunke

Abel ties cracked and dirt art to nature

Published on January 24, 2013

Written by Aaron Wendorff
Scroll Staff Writer

Decaying sidewalks, statues missing arms, and “perfection through imperfection.” For Tom Abel, this is art at its finest.

Abel, whose ceramic work is currently on display in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center, is an artist who aims for imperfection. His plates are cracked and his vases appear ancient.

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