Tell It To The Wind hits big

By Noah Dale

Bethany Lutheran College has a very successful and storied history when it comes to theatre. The 2016- 17 school year was no differ­ent. With Icehouse and The Music Man having already wrapped up production, there was time for one more. Written and directed by Benji Inniger, Tell It To The Wind lived up to the hype.

A collection of folk tales with roots in China, Russia, Venezuela, Japan and Mexico, among others, the play was influenced by several Disney classics. The play includes a variety of original music, puppetry and dancing.

Freshman Maren Thompson and junior Amir Trotter performed in the premiere of Tell It to the Wind. Photo courtesy of Benji Inniger

The music was composed by senior Beret Ouren, while the puppets were all designed and created by Bethany Arts students. The dancing was based in the style of the play, focusing on rhythm and move­ment that was individually suited for the actors. Casey Morgan choreographed the dances, with freshman Emily Kjeer helping out as the assis­tant choreographer.

“I’m thrilled with how well the dancing came together,” said Kjeer. “For me, it was even more exciting to be the assistant choreographer than to have a role in the play. I had a unique perspective in watch­ing the play come together while still being involved in the final product.”

The cast ranged from fresh­man to seniors, but was a rela­tively small cast compared to previous productions with only twelve students given roles.

“This play has meant so much to me,” said fresh­man Maren Thompson, who played the Book Reader and the Moon. “Stories are my entire life. It has meant the world to me to be a part of this amazing cast and crew and I will always cherish this as a beautiful experience.”

Playgoers were also enthralled by Tell It To The Wind.

“My favorite part of the play was when Lel (senior David Roemhildt) came onstage for the finale and played his flute, raising Snow­maiden (sophomore Gwendo­lyn Ward) back to life,” said sophomore Jared Zipp.

Between the cast, crew and attendees all agree that Tell It To The Wind was a complete success.


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