The Scrawl Hits Newsstands Friday

By Sarah Roemhildt

It’s finally that time of the year, when the most beloved edition of the Bethany Lutheran College newspaper is released. This year, the spoof edition entitled The Scrawl will be available on campus Friday, March 31, just in time for April Fool’s Day.

Paging through this edition may leave one wondering how the editors let all this fake news slide, but in fact, creative (and fictional) writing is the emphasis of this edition. The articles feature titles such as “Bookstore Proposes Wedding Rings,” “Buck Securing the Spot as New Mascot,” and “Favre Unretires Again; Fourth Time’s the Charm.”

This issue will also feature articles from past April Fool’s editions, in honor of The Scroll’s 90th Anniversary. Another unique aspect of this edition will be Senior Spotlights featuring the editors of Bethany Publications: Kelly Reed, Crystal Olson, and Megan Cavanaugh. Make sure to grab your copy of The Scrawl, and enjoy the comedy and prose brought to you by The Scroll staff of 2017.


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