Snow Week at Bethany delivers snow

By Noah Dale

Every year, late in Febru­ary, Snow Week gives students an opportunity to take part in different activities. This year was no exception, but at the begin­ning, it seemed like this year’s snow week would not actually feature any snow.

Monday was President’s Day, and there were no actual events planned as many students were away spending the day off with their families. However, there were special stadium cups offered.

Seniors Rachael Heidorn, Caleb Harman, Leah Hagen, Josh Montbriand, Nadine Van Zomeran, David Roemhildt, Avis Van Zomeran, Alexandra Tona, Abe Faugstad (not pictured) and Tim Krause (not pictured) were voted as the 2017 Snow Court. Photo courtesy of Renee Tatge

Tuesday provided an interesting challenge in the form of Battle of the Sexes, a series of small competi­tive games pitting the boys against the girls. Held on the ground floor of Old Main, the boys took home the victory, although with a little assistance. Since only two boys participated, their team was supplemented with several girls.

Wednesday, students traveled to All Season’s Arena for some good old fashioned ice skating. From 10 p.m. to midnight, it was nothing but smiles, laughs, and trying to keep from falling flat on the ice.

Thursday was tricky for those planning Snow Week. Not one, but two of the performers who were sched­uled ended up being forced to back out. When the first act, Dash for Dollars, was unable to come, the magi­cian Steven Stone was hired to take its place. Unfortu­nately, he ended up in the hospital and was unable to perform. Professor Peter Bloedel, whom many Beth­any students know likes to dazzle audiences with his magic tricks, was asked to replace Stone, but could not as he was sick himself. Instead, it was arranged that students could journey to the Wow Zone for unlim­ited bowling, laser tag and mini-golf. While the ground was bare when they arrived, by the time they left, it was at last blanketed in white, fluffy snow.

Friday, students had the option of heading to the slopes of Mount Kato for skiing, at a reduced price. That was not all that was in store for them however, because that night was the Snow Dance. The semi-formal event brought in a crowd that was wearing everything from suits and dresses, to khaki shorts and polo shirts.

“They were the nicest things I had and I don’t think anyone expected anything else from me,” freshman Jordan Lisk said jokingly about his chosen attire.

With Hans Bloedel serv­ing as the DJ, the night proved to be interesting, and toward the end of the night, the Snow Court was announced. Taking the crown as Snow Queen was senior Alexandra Tona. The Snow King wound up in a tie, with seniors David Roemhildt and Abraham Faugstad taking the honor, although Faugstad was unable to make it because he was visiting a potential grad school.

“It was an honor to be on the court, and I was there in spirit,” said Faugstad.

Saturday wrapped up the week with a special screen­ing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the Honsey Hall film viewing room, a treat for both those who hadn’t already seen it and those who had. Freshman Andrew Van Kampen fell in the latter category.

“It was a great opportu­nity to share the joys of Star Wars with fellow class­mates. It’s a funny movie, but at the same time, a deadly serious one,” said Van Kampen.

Overall, the students who attended the events seemed to enjoy themselves and felt the week was successful. It was also convenient that this year’s Snow Week did, in fact, feature snow.


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