The library is not just for books

By Jessica Berlinger

The first thing that comes to mind when the word “library” is said is books and a lot of them. Other things that come to mind are magazines, computers and even peace and quiet. Libraries often have items available one wouldn’t have considered a library to normally have.

One thing visitors wouldn’t expect to find at a library is a Go Light Blu. Living in Minnesota during the winter, one doesn’t see much sun. For this reason, special lamps were invented for ‘the winter blues.’ These lamps are natural lights that are supposed to boost one’s mood and energy.

“We’ve had these for a while, and they were origi­nally put on reserve for the counseling to

Behind the service desk are many items students can check out including Kindles, audio books, and ball pumps. Photo by Megan Cavanaugh

help with Seasonal Affective Disor­der,” said librarian Jessica Zimmerman.

Now, these lights can be checked out at the circu­lation desk in the library. What better place to have them than the library as one can simultaneously check one out and curl up with a good book.

Another thing found in the library is Cross- Terrain equipment. There are snowshoes, a bike pump, Frisbee golf, Croquet and Bocce Ball so far. The Cross-Terrain group worked out this deal with the library years ago because they had so much equipment, and it provided a good way for students to have easy access to that equipment.

Some other random things that are available at the library for check­out are a record player, a VHS player, basic cameras, calculators, movies and board games.

“One of my favorite collec­tions is our board game collection,” said Zimmer­man. “It gives us an avenue to connect the students with our game nights. We love taking suggestions from students about what games we should get, and this summer our collection almost doubled.”

The movie collection is very broad and there are many new movies available for checkout, so before going to Redbox, check the library.

“I check out movies almost every week or so because we have so many modern movies,” said sophomore Noella Wigtil. “At the library here it’s pretty easy to get hot new movies.”

Along with all the unique things available in the library, there are also many books. A wide vari­ety of children’s books are available and the literature progresses through the reading levels to almost any other subject. If there isn’t a book available that one would like, there is a great resource called Inter­library Loan (ILL).

ILL is a system in which Memorial Library is connected to all other libraries in the system in Minnesota. What this means is if there is a book at, for instance, St. Scho­lastica that a student would like to read, all the student must do is fill out an ILL form and the librarians will take care of the rest.

The librarians then request the book, receive it, check it in, and the book is ready to be read by the student. It usually takes books about a week to get here, but students have access to so many more books because of this system.

While the library has many different services to offer, one of the student favorites are the comfy chairs and couches.

“I really like their comfy couches, I probably get the most use out of them,” said senior Avis Van Zomeren. “I study and take naps on them,” she said laughing.

The library has so many services and things to offer for check out. Even if it isn’t under the roof they can probably obtain it.


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