Icehouse breaks the ice opening night

By Jessica Berlinger

In the middle of a frozen lake in Minnesota, two men devise a plan to bring their friend back from Florida, with a few perks of their own.

Freshman Hailey Dick and sophomore Jemimah Cordes opened Icehouse with fellow castmates on Nov. 11. Photo by Jacob Stratton

The play Icehouse writ­ten and directed by Profes­sor Peter Bloedel opened Friday, Nov. 11 in front of a full audience in the Sigurd Lee Theatre. The play portrays the stereotypical Minnesotan lifestyle, cold weather, ‘Minnesota Nice,’ accents and beliefs all included. This Minnesota comedy began about 12 years ago and was written over the course of about six months.

“This was a spinoff of Icehouse Madrigals, a play we did in 2004,” said Professor Peter Bloedel who wrote and directed the show. “I’ve never ice fished, but for me any time I go to a lake and see two men ice fish­ing off in the distance, I always just think ‘what could those guys be thinking about?’. So it started as my best guess as to what those guys might be talking about.”

The cast includes freshmen Emma Bloe­del, Hailey Dick, Gabriel Strawn and Maren Thomp­son; sophomores Jemimah Cordes, Anthony Cordes, Anna Meyer and Ben Snyder; juniors Nicolas Kost and Lydia Lonnquist; and seniors Timothy Krause, David Roemhildt and Sarah Roemhildt.

Bloedel, along with junior Daniel Halvor­son who is a fiddler and senior Beret Ouren who is the sound designer put together brand new music for this show.

“It really kinda makes it a little more seam­less, it moves the tran­sitions right along and gives the show a little more momentum,” said Bloedel.

Since the play is a spinoff from 12 years ago, there were bound to be some things that were similar and some that were different.

“This group is handling the [Minnesotan] accents a little bit better,” said Bloedel. “And every actor has their own little nuance thing that nobody else can duplicate, and that makes for different chemistry.”

David Roemhildt has been in his fair share of plays, being that he started doing plays in fourth grade. Every play is different, and he is able to learn something new every time.

“The big cast is awesome. Having a lot of guys to fool around with is always a really fun time,” said Roem­hildt. “People are really supportive of each other too so it’s cool to have that network there.”

This play is a comedy, because as Bloedel stated that he is on a ‘comedy kick’ right now.

“I think people are really going to laugh a lot, that’s what I’m look­ing forward to most,” said Roemhildt. “I’ve been watching rehearsals and some of these guys are just hilarious, they’re so funny. I can’t wait to see them shine because they’re ready to go.”

Sophomore Lucas Dorton attended the play during the opening weekend.

“I thought the play was really funny,” said Dorton. “There was great acting and it was very easy to follow along with. It was a very cool experi­ence to be at.”

Icehouse’s wit and comi­cal scenes will be in the theatre one more week­end, Nov. 18-19.


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