Golf teams tee off for conference

By Brett LaBore

Consistency is something that we strive for as individuals everyday. When the routine is the same, it’s easier to get things done. That is exactly what the Bethany men’s and women’s golf teams are striving for this year.

There are more similarities than differences between the teams. Both teams have coaches who are familiar with golf, both teams are looking for consistency, and both are young.

But that youth is not stopping them from achieving what they want to achieve. Coach Daniel Mundahl of the men’s team talked about his young team.

“It’s an opportunity to get together and create a close-knit family,” said Mundahl.

Both teams have no upperclassmen, with their teams consisting of freshmen and sophomores. Women’s golf coach Matt Fletcher saw good things from having a young team.

“It’s good. We’re going to continue to get better and better. It’s been a learning experience and next year we’ll take a step forward,” said Fletcher.

Though both seasons have had their ups and downs, the young teams have provided some great chemistry. They’ve had fun while bonding on the range and the putting greens. Sophomore Nic Meyer mentioned the team chemistry on the men’s team.

“We really pride ourselves on team comradery, especially during the season. We all love playing golf and everyone’s close,” said Meyer.

The good chemistry has also been noticed by Coach Fletcher on the women’s side too. “The team chemistry is really good, and they like to be around each other,” said Fletcher.

As these teams have bonded they both have had an eye on the UMAC Conference Tournament held Oct. 6th-8th at Alexandria Golf Club in Alexandria, Minnesota. All their hard work and dedication will be put to good use.

Sophomore Kenzie Manthei talked about the mindset of the team as they head into the tournament.

“We all want to improve and get to the range. Just staying positive and keep a good mind before we head into a match,” said Manthei.

Both teams have said there have been ups and downs to their season, but they are looking to play their best golf and peak at the right time. Consistency has been the word that both coaches want to see. The captain of the men’s team, sophomore Jordan Petzel, talked about that.

“As a team, we’re trying to find who’s playing their best golf and who’s got the best chance to win,” said Petzel.

If the consistency is there, the Bethany golf teams should find themselves in a good position.


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