Theatre Physics is going strong after 23 years of laughter

By Maureen Ragner

Slapstick comedy and magic tricks are a staple of the theatre department at Bethany, and they all collide every single year to create a hilarious, performance that hardly anyone on or off campus ever wants to miss.

This year was Theatre Physics’ 23rd year of production, and this year has proved to be no less enter­taining than the previous.

Laughter carried into the YFAC halls during Theatre Physics 23 as part of fall festival on Sept. 16-18. Photo by Jasmine Zhang

“It’s so stupid that it makes it fun,” said freshman Abigail “AJ” Mildebrandt.

Theatre Physics, is a production that takes place at the same time as a Fall Festival every year. It is mainly a collection of shorter, comedic skits presented together and are accompanied in the second half of the performance by a much longer skit that has all the participating students acting together.

Of course, each of the participating students has their own particularly favor­ite skit that they like watch­ing or participating in.

“I really like the Couple Days Off skit,” said sopho­more cast member Jona­than Smith.

Some students, however, can’t decide what their defin­itive favorite skit is.

“My favorite skit would either be the Diabolos or the Floating Table,” said sopho­more Noella Wigtil. “Both of them are such incredible, mind-blowing scenes that are just beautiful to watch. [Sophomore] John [Wagner] and [senior] Beret [Ouren] are so talented, and it’s so cool to watch their scenes.”

Rehearsing their skits for the performances on the weekend of the Fall Festi­val can also be somewhat difficult for students, as long hours are spent in the YFAC working on tricks and getting lines right instead of theater working on home­work or going to extracur­ricular activities

“It wasn’t so hard to juggle school as it is other clubs,” said Mildebrandt.

Experienced students might have found their schedule easy to handle as well, more than likely because of their experience from previous years.

“It’s been easier this year than last year,” said senior Olivia Lippert.

Still, none of the students would willingly give up the opportunity to be able to spend time together and find ways to make the audience laugh. This is especially true when considering how much fun they have had with each other.

“I think the cast and crew is fabulous,” said freshman Isaiah Lippert. “A great group of folks.”

If anyone who wanted to see Theatre Physics this year missed out because of other complications, they’re in luck: the performances are video recorded every year and eventually placed on Bethany’s YouTube chan­nel for anyone to watch.


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