Mystery People

The first mystery student is a junior who spends a lot of time in Meyer Hall. His hometown is Menomonie, Wisc. Next year, he will transfer to MLC to get his teaching license. His favorite professor is Dr. Matt Riehl and his favorite class at Bethany is World Pre History. In his free time, he enjoys sleeping, playing video games, Ultimate Frisbee and biking. He has four siblings, and his dad is a pastor. Homemade macaroni and cheese is his favorite food, and his favorite book series is “The Tainted Realm” by Ian Irvine.

The second mystery student is a first semester sophomore majoring in psychology. She hopes to find a career in criminal profiling. Geneva, Minn. is her hometown. Her favorite food is soup, and her favorite book series is “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. She is involved in Bethany’s theatre productions, Cross Terrain Club and is also planning to join the Psychology Club. Social Psychology is her favorite class and Dr. Jonathan Stadler is her favorite professor. She has been a cook for three years and loves her job. Her hobbies are reading, Zumba, hanging out with friends and cooking. She loves Tinkerbell, One Direction and glitter.

The mystery staff member is from La Crosse, Wis. and has a masters in Social Work. She attended college at UW La Crosse and Madison. During her senior year at UW La Crosse, she had the lead role in the musical “Fantasticks.” She also went on a USO tour in the Caribbean while in college. The house that she grew up in is now a shrine for the Lady of Guadalupe. She will be wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day because she’s Irish. All six of her kids attended Bethany, and on nice days she walks or rides bike to work.


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