For Rent

The Pub Hub is looking for new tenants.

Everyone is welcome to join at bargain basement prices. In fact, it is free. The Pub Hub needs your help to fill positions this semester.

Amenities: Brown Leather Couch, Two Mac Computers w/ Internet Access, Book Resources and More

Tenants can also enjoy peaceful neighbors, free college credit at no additional cost, occasional free food, resume builder, amusement and potential for scholarship money.

Available Rooms:

Copy Editors

Full Time Staff Writers

Part Time Staff Writers

Contributing Writers

Social Media and Website Coordinators

Layout Staff Consultants

Graphic Design Specialists

Website Design Specialists


Commitment will be as much as you want, part time and full time positions offered.

Closure Immanent if there are no new tenants.

Viewing Time: Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

All Interested Parties Contact:

Denice Woller


Shawn Loging


Kara Ketcher


Megan Maschoff



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