MLB playoffs in favor of Tigers and Cardinals

During the month of October, baseball fans unite to watch the postseason, which are the games leading up to the World Series. Although the playoffs aren’t over with, there are quite a few teams that have already been eliminated.

NLCS Game 2: LA Dodgers at St. Louis
Photo courtesy of MCT

For the Wild Card matchup, the Cincinnati Reds faced the Pittsburg Pirates in the National League (NL), with the Pirates advancing to take on the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals then eliminated the Pirates in five games, advancing to the Championship Series.

In the American League (AL), the Tampa Bay Rays beat out the Cleveland Indians, and proceeded to be eliminated in four games by the Boston Red Sox in the Division Series.

In the Division Series, the NL West Conference Champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers, took on the NL East Conference Champions, the Atlanta Braves, with the Dodgers coming out on top in three games. For the AL, the Oakland Athletics, the AL West Conference Champions, took on the AL Central Conference Champions, the Detroit Tigers, losing to the Tigers in five games.

As of Sunday, Oct. 13 in the Championship Series, the Cardinals are reigning over the Dodgers 2-0 and the Tigers are ahead of Boston 1-0. The Red Sox will take on the Tigers for game two on Sunday, Oct. 13 and the Dodgers will take on the Cardinals for game three on Monday, Oct. 14.

At Bethany, senior Jake Gleason, a baseball player and fan, has a prediction for the World Series, even though the two teams he was rooting for were eliminated.

“First of all I have to say that I was pulling for Oakland and the Pirates to go all the way. A realistic World Series, I think, will be Detroit and the Cardinals. Detroit has stood out to me so far, due to their combination of power, clutch hitting and an excellent pitching staff. This has made them fun to watch,” said Gleason.

The first game of the World Series is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 23.


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