Theatre Physics: 20 years of laughs

Photo by Benjamin Inniger
Photo by Benjamin Inniger

For two and a half weeks, students and Bethany alumni ran around, juggled and acted out crazy yet laugh out loud skits in preparation for Theatre Physics, which celebrated its 20th years of humor on Bethany’s stage.

For the weekend of Sept. 20, Theatre Physics put on five sold out shows. Since it celebrated 20 years, alumni cast of past Theatre Physics performances were asked back to perform some of their memorable skits.

“I was trying to call people who we had on video. Most of the ‘90s are gone; we are trying to locate them. I also thought about past skits that stood out and were memorable to me. Some of the alumni were local people, but one flew in from Chicago,” said director Peter Bloedel.

Bloedel started Theatre Physics when he dreamt of a physical theatre show for students to perform. The first performance had only five skits and lasted 45 minutes. This year there were over 35 skits and lasted 105 minutes.

Photo by Benjamin Inniger
Photo by Benjamin Inniger

“People had thought it was a science lecture when Theatre Physics first started. It showed with the number of people [who attended]. It has changed a lot since then. You are forced into creativity and that can be a good thing,” said Bloedel.

Student cast members were excited to work with the alumni and were ready to put on a good show.

“It was so nice to be able to meet and become friends with these people. I personally had a skit with Jason Jasperson, who was in the third Theatre Physics. He also designed the logo worn on the shirts and helped Peter Bloedel direct for a few years. I had so much fun creating a skit with him and just goofing around,” said junior Emily Dworak.

The audience members were always laughing and students had many positive things to say about this comedic performance.

“There were so many good skits. This was my first time going. I will definitely go again next year. I am upset that I did not go last year,” said sophomore Luke Hahn.

Photo by Benjamin Inniger
Photo by Benjamin Inniger

Though the shows were a hit, difficulties did arise with the performances. The crew decided to cut a few skits before opening night to save time from the long performance. The members also stayed up really late during some nights practicing.

“We were in the theater until 4:00 a.m. the Thursday before opening night. There was so much that needed to be polished up before the next day, so we all worked together and tried to stay positive. Everyone kept their sunny sides up, which was Theatre Physics’ motto this year. Everyone did, and that is part of the magic of Theatre Physics,” said Dworak.

Through tough times and long nights, the cast members were able to perform a laugh ‘til you cry show, and Theatre Physics will be known as a great hit with plans of production for many years to come.


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