Stack follows her dream to Disney World

The smell of cotton candy and popcorn fills the air and the area is filled with people everywhere. Kids are running around with cameras taking pictures of Goofy, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse amongst many others. Disney World has been a place for families to get together and make memories for generations.

Photo by Megan Grunke
Photo by Megan Grunke

However, a chance to be an intern with the Disney College Program has been a dream of sophomore Alycia Stack. From Jan. 22 to Aug. 2, she was a character attendant working with Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

“My main location was the ‘Enchanted Tales of Belle.’ We took guests back in time to the night Belle and Beast fell in love. We helped guests act out the story of Beauty and the Beast to surprise Belle,” said Stack.

For guests, this would be a 12 to 20 minute experience. She would work late hours, normally from 4 p.m. to midnight five days a week.

“I originally signed up to work for four months, but extended it to six months,” said Stack. “I love Disney and needed a break from school.”

While working with Disney, she was provided with an apartment to live in with other girls from the program. They also offered college classes for students to take. This ranged from business courses to teaching about Disney’s history.

There were perks to being in the program as well, such as free admission into the park.

“It is like being an adult and a little kid at the same time,” said Stack.

“As a part of the Disney College Program, participants have the incredible opportunity to advance their strengths and interests, meet guests and cast members from around the country and take part in educational opportunities students can’t get anywhere else. This truly unique program allows participants to network with leaders, take part in personal and career development classes, and build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, guest service and effective communication,” according to

For more information on the college program, visit this website and learn more about having an active role at Disney.

Looking back at her experience, she would like to return to the program at the end of college if she can because she had such a good experience.

“I got to live and work in the most magical place. Not everyone gets to do that. Disney does something to you. I got to create magical moments for families. Seeing kids overjoyed when they saw their favorite character, and having their parents cry; that was magic,” said Stack.


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