Track team’s momentum continues on

Photo by Sierra Batalden
Photo by Sierra Batalden

A tradition was started in Ancient Greece of competing to see who was the best athlete, whether it be speed, stamina, or brute strength. That tradition is embodied today in Bethany’s first ever Outdoor Track and Field team.

The group started out last year as a club, but this year they are a full team. The team has only had one meet so far, but preparation began late last year with the Indoor Track team, which finished third in conference.

Almost everyone from the indoor team continued into the outdoor season, and a few new members were picked up in the transition.

Freshman Danielle Marzinske said, “It’s awesome having all the new people. I didn’t even know their names before they joined the team, and never would have been able to talk to them otherwise.”

With a majority of the team coming off of the indoor season, the team is set to capitalize off of their earlier success. There were only a few weeks off between the indoor and outdoor seasons, so they are mostly continuing the indoor season on a larger track and some added races.

“Other than the short break between the seasons, we just kept doing what we have been doing since December,” said coach David Ring. “Minnesota State University – Mankato is letting us use their outdoor track everyday so we can practice for a few hours.”

The only way to improve skills as refined as running and field events is through rigorous practice. The team spends over 8 hours a week practicing.

Not much success is seen during the season because of the level of competition they are running against, but the team is steadily improving.

“We’re running agains really tough teams for the first meets, but that is what is going to help make us better,” said sophomore Julio Garcia.

“It’s really fun, running against division one and two schools,” said freshman Reagan Tshibangu. “It’s really competitive.”

The team is looking to bring the same success they saw in the winter to the outdoor season and it seems very possible, according to Ring.

Ring said, “There is going to be some tough competition, but I think we can do very well in conference.”


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