Jazz swings smoothly into spring concert

Despite technical difficulties, the Bethany Jazz Band and their audience came together for the group’s final home concert of the semester.

The concert was held in the Ronald J. Younge gymnasium on Apr. 14. The band played a variety of songs such as “Gospel John,” “April in Paris,” “Stolen Moments” and more.

Many of these songs featured a number of solo performances from the 13 students who participate in the group.

Photo by Elisa Mayer
Photo by Elisa Mayer

In addition to a number of student soloists, the Jazz Band also had a special guest perform a few songs with them. This guest performer, Adrian Barnett, a band director at New Richland High School, came to the concert because Bethany’s Jazz Band did not get to perform with him during Band Tour back in March.

Barnett played baritone saxophone for the group in a few of their opening pieces such as “Gospel John,” “Caravan” and “Cousin Mary.”

The group, overall, seemed very excited about the opportunity to perform alongside Barnett during the concert. Senior Heather Hewitt said she was pleased with the concert and especially enjoyed performing with Barnett.

“I thought the jazz concert went really well,” said Hewitt. “Adrian Barnett brought a lot of energy to the group.”

Although the group felt that the concert went well, there were some concerns before the concert started due to some technical difficulties.

“Honestly, I was a bit worried when the power for the lighting and sound equipment went out, but we all rolled with it and still had a great time with the little impromptu number while our tech guys fixed the equipment,” said junior Janeen Leisses.

Leisses also said, “We had a great audience, awesome energy and a talented guest performer to boot. I give a huge shout-out thank you to Adrian Barnett for playing with us. This was my last spring jazz concert with Bethany and it was wonderful.”

This was the final home concert that the jazz band performed this year. However, the group will perform again for Luthapalooza on Apr. 28.


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