Students tour Italy over spring break

Photo submitted by Cassie wierschke
Photo submitted by Cassie wierschke

With its rich Italian culture, food and artwork, Italy is a popular place for tourists. Not many college students can say they have visited Italy during their school years, but over 20 students traveled there this year during spring break.

“I really wanted to see the famous artwork and go overseas to see what Italy was like,” said sophomore Megan Grunke.

Venice, Florence, Ravenna, Orvietto, Assisi and Rome were the cities students and other travelers visited and in doing so had the experience of a lifetime.

For a day trip, they also visited Pompeii and saw the ruins. Students got to hear about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and how the city turned to ash.

“I liked the island aspect of it. It was a traumatic event and we can learn so much from it,” said sophomore Christina Haselerhansen.

They visited numerous of churches and saw frescos, murals, paintings and sculptures, among those were Michelangelo’s David.

In Rome, they saw the Colosseum, which was a favorite among the students.

“Rome was my favorite city because I love the Roman Empire and ancient Rome. I have taken Latin for years and I enjoy the aspect of it and seeing the ruins and the impact it had on today’s society,” said freshman Michael Helland.

Photo submitted by Cassie Wierschke
Photo submitted by Cassie Wierschke

Memories were made on this trip and students definitely want to visit again.

“Venice was great because it was impressionable. It was a cute town that focused around the water. It had a nice balance of city and country life,” said Haselerhansen.

“[In Florencem,] I climbed Brunelleschi’s Dome and it was a monumental building and it was fun to accomplish it. At the top, we saw Florence’s view and it was beautiful, especially since it was a sunny day,” said Helland.

Most of the trip was rainy, but that did not stop the adventure students experienced on the trip.

“My greatest adventure was wondering around Pompeii and having a picnic at the ruins, and making friends with a stray dog,” said freshman Adrian Whitney.

The students will never forget this spring break and will always have memories that will stay with them forever.


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