Equestrian Club’s first ride together produces awards

One of the lesser-known clubs at Bethany, the Equestrian Club is composed of five female students. These girls recently traveled to University of Minnesota – Crookston for a competition in pleasure Western horsemanship. For the first IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) competition these girls have ever competed in, it will be the last one for the year due to low funds. However, the girls that competed still cherish this event.

At the competition, the contestants are judged solely on their riding. The horses are picked out of a hat and the contestants are not allowed to ride the horses at any time before the competition begins. Once it begins, the contestants go out into the arena and get on their horses. The judges then have them walk, jog and lope, and the contestants then line up in the center, and are then judged. The competitors gain individual points, which are then combined for a team score.

Freshman Julia Muckenhirn competed in the intermediate two category and placed fourth.

“We walked into it not knowing anything, so overall we did well,” said Muckenhirn.

Freshman Jordyn Wendt competed in the intermediate one category and placed second.

“There were very developed teams. To actually go compete was just a blast. I’m really thankful we got funding, because we wouldn’t have went,” said Wendt.

The other girls that competed were freshmen Tracey Flygare and Elisa Mayer and junior Amanda Johnson. All three competed in the beginning category, with Flygare winning fourth in her group, and Mayer and Johnson winning fourth and third in their group, respectively.

Even though this is the last competition the girls competed in for the year, the girls are hoping for more participation from club members and more competitions.

“We really need to focus on getting solid members. We have to keep the momentum going,” said Wendt.

“The hope is that we have started the club and it will carry on,” said Muckenhirn.


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