Bethany math and tutoring services

Photo by Anna Wright
Photo by Anna Wright

Everyone needs somebody to lean on. Bethany writing and math tutors encourage students to lean on their services.

A common consensus among both writing and math tutors is students are not utilizing the tutoring services as much as they could.

“To be honest, our ‘business’ isn’t booming as much as we want it to,” said junior Grace Merchant, Writing Center Student Coordinator. “It’s a complicated toaster, so to speak; on one hand, we don’t want to force anyone to come to the Center if they don’t want to, but we encourage everyone to come and make use of this valuable resource.”

On a similar note, Laura Buch, faculty supervisor of math tutoring services, observed the current shortage of students taking advantage of math tutoring.

“During this semester, we haven’t seen as many students make use of tutoring as in the past.  This may result in a reduction in the number of hours, if the service isn’t being utilized.  It is my opinion that many more students could benefit from the help that math tutoring offers so I would not like this happen,” said Buch.

In some cases, it seems that students are simply unaware of tutoring services.

“The what center? Do we have a math center?” asked junior Logan Wendt.

In other cases, Merchant acknowledged that students may be intimidated by tutoring services.  When students enter the Writing Center for the first time, they may fear criticism and red ink.  However, Merchant encouraged them to “take the leap.”

*This has been a preview.  The full article will be available in an upcoming issue of The Scroll.


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