Students chill out at Boundary Waters

During the winter, many students can become bored and restless with the cold weather keeping them indoors. However, some students and staff members decided to kick their winter blues and head to Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. There they embraced the outdoors in the winter time.

With no cell phone service, Facebook or Twitter, the students and staff members really got to know one another and participate in many activities together.

“It is my favorite trip to go on; I get to spend all weekend getting to know the students,” said Residential Manager Heidi Harland. Harland goes on the trip every year with students.

The activities offered included broom ball, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking and a polar plunge.

Harland said, “My favorite activity is broom ball because it is fun to play competitive sports every once in awhile. To play broom ball, you don’t need a lot of talent because everyone is out there slipping on the ice.”

Junior Joshua Becker said, “I really enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone. I especially enjoyed jumping in ‘The Hole.’ A large square in the ice is cut away and a ladder is moved into position. Climbing down the ladder is especially cold, as you can’t just jump in. Afterwards, I jumped in the snow and ran to the sauna.”

Junior Janessa Beyer said, “I think that this trip was amazing. My favorite part was hiking through the woods in snow shoes, over logs and under branches, ending up in the middle of a frozen lake that was under several feet of snow.”

The price for students to go was $145 this year, but the price varies from year to year, according to Harland.

Beyer said, “I had nowhere to go and nothing to do except enjoy nature and the wonderful company surrounding me. This was my first year at Boundary Waters, but it certainly won’t be my last.”


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