How to make money without having a job

Photo by Kelsie Ammann
Photo by Kelsie Ammann

With the prices of tuition, textbooks and gas students are finding ways to earn extra cash.

Some students focus on reeling in miniscule victories.

“I know a guy that picks up coins off the ground outside the McDonalds drive-thru window,” said junior Marcus Ruiz.

Others are earning on a slightly more massive scale.

Junior Scott Fassett said, “I know this super entrepreneur dude who got a one-time loan then bought a house.  [Now] he rents out the rooms. Five people pay him money to live in his own house.”

Other students earn cash by putting their talents to use. Sophomore Aimee Bruss makes use of her skills in technology—“I turn VHS tapes to DVDs for my mom”—while sophomore Melissa Bergemann uses knitting skills to “sell knitting stuff on the side.”

Bergemann also knows students who take advantage of Plato’s Closet in Mankato, where “they get cash for their clothes.”  Plato’s Closet is located next to the Mongolian Grill on Madison Ave.

Still other students are saving lives to earn extra cash.  A number of Bethany students regularly donate plasma to help save lives through Biolife Plasma Services.  Not only is it noble, it is also profitable.

“On average I make 50 bucks a week plus kickers,” said Logan Wendt, a regular donor. “It’s really easy too…You really have to do no work. Basically just show up and be patient.”

When asked if the process is painful, Wendt responded, “The worst part is getting your finger pricked.”

What other ways are students earning cash?  Let us know by sending a letter to the editor!


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