Chaplain Moldstad starts first adult instruction class

Faith is at the core of Bethany Lutheran College. Therefore, in Bethany’s Christianity courses, the curriculum assumes that students have some basic knowledge of the Christian faith. However, there are some students on campus that do not have the same Christian education as others have had.

Every year, Chaplain Donald Moldstad has students coming into his office hoping to get some basic instruction on the Christian faith, whether it is from Moldstad himself or a nearby church. This year several students approached him, so he decided to start his own adult instruction class and promote it around campus.

This class, which is open to all students, will last about eight to nine weeks and will cover fundamental teachings in Christianity such as creation, baptism, communion, the Trinity and more. Moldstad said that this class is very much like confirmation classes which Lutheran students took in seventh or eighth grade.

“I feel that by the end of those classes they should know enough about the Christian faith to believe it, understand it and explain it,” said Moldstad.

This class was not designed specifically to prepare students for Christianity courses at Bethany; however Moldstad feels that this class would be helpful to students who have little prior knowledge on the Christian faith.

“The Intro to Christianity classes have a lot of the same curriculum in it, but it’s at a higher level and assumes that you know something,” said Moldstad.

Moldstad plans to continue this in the coming years with one eight to nine week class each semester. He hopes that by advertising it more, more students will be interested in joining. There are currently six students taking the class, which Moldstad said is the most that he has ever had at one time.

The class meets every Monday at 3:30 p.m. in basement of chapel. Moldstad is available to provide more information.

“My goal is to lead them closer to Christ and understand His word better,” said Moldstad.


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