Monopoly fans say hello to cat and goodbye to iron

Photo courtesy of MCT
Photo courtesy of MCT

Monopoly, a classic board game which involves purchasing as many properties as possible in an attempt to gain the most money and drive opponents to bankrupt, will be changing slightly this year.

This game, which first came out in 1934, uses tokens to keep track of the players’ progress. Some of the more well known tokens include a top hat, battleship, race car, thimble and an iron. Many other tokens have come and gone over the years, and this year, a new token will be introduced at the cost of another.

Image courtesy of MCT
Image courtesy of MCT

The iron token, which has been a part of the game for nearly 80 years, will be replaced by a cat token later this year. This change, though saddening to some, was decided by popular vote on Facebook. There were two questions asked on Facebook. One question asked what the new token should be, and the other asked which tokens should remain a part of the game.

The cat token earned 31 percent of the votes to be the new token, beating a toy robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring.

While the dog, race car, battleship, top hat and thimble tokens were saved by quite a few votes, the boot and wheelbarrow tokens were close to being eliminated. In the end, the iron lost by a few hundred votes.

Although many fans are upset by this change, the rest of the game will remain the same. Ultimately, this change was made in an attempt to keep an 80 year old game interesting to today’s players.

This is not the first change made to the game, and it is likely that it will not be the last. Monopoly remains one of the most popular board games in the world with more than 275 million games sold throughout the globe.

The iron will be removed and the cat token will be added later this year.


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