Mankato man wins Lifeworks’ Personal Achievement Award

Eugen Kavan, 24, recently won an award from the nonprofit organization Lifeworks, which Kavan has been a part of for the last five years.  Lifeworks assists those with disabilities by integrating them into their community.

Every year, Lifeworks gives an award to one of their 600 to 700 clients in Minnesota called the Personal Achievement Award. This year, 140 nominations were received by Lifeworks. Kavan, along with Aaron Artmann, were chosen to receive the award this year.

For the past few years, Kavan has been keeping himself busy by working at McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings and Best Buy.

“Eugen’s positive attitude, enthusiasm for life, and strong work ethic has a tendency to change every environment he finds himself in for the better.” (

Lifeworks also presents an award to a business which employs Lifeworks’ clients and an individual or group who assists Lifeworks by volunteering or advocating for jobs.

Kavan, along with the other award winners, will receive their awards on April 25 at the Lifeworks Annual Celebration in Minneapolis.


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